I feel compelled to make a brief statement on the events that transpired over the weekend and how we move forward as a football club.  

It goes without saying this year will go down as the year to forget due to the nature of events of covid-19, disruption to football and isolation periods across all 4 of our teams.  

This weekend affected the full club when our Sunday team player Josh Mullins suffered a horrific leg break which has required surgery to repair the damage. We are pleased however to report that Josh has started the road to recovery with successful surgery and will soon be back playing the sport we all love.  

As a club we were inundated with messages wishing Josh well in his recovery, we have passed all of these on and I know the messages where warmly received by all concerned. Our Sunday team have made the decision not to play any more games until after Christmas due to the events of what happened this weekend which as a club, we support 100%, the welfare of our players comes first above anything. I would like to place on record my thanks to the Hull Sunday Football League for allowing this to happen.

We are so much more than a football club in which a culture of being a good person before a good footballer shines through every horrible situation. The quick response of Nicky Horner stabilizing the injured player and providing support helped the situation massively. Again, as a club we would like to place on record our thank you for this. You really are a superstar Nicky!   

We now as a club move forward from the events and will support in the recovery of Josh and will support any decisions that need to be made for him to make a full return to playing. It affected us all as a club the one thing we do different from many others is we all in this together regardless of how people perceive certain standards of football. When one player gets injured, we all feel their emotions and wish to help them in whatever way we can in order to aid them.  

When we kick off fixtures this weekend, we have our Sunday team in the back of our minds and dedicate the result (Hopefully a win) to them.  

Punga Vincere