Ilkley manager Simon Armstrong talks about yesterday's 0-2 win against Carlton.

Well done on today’s 0-2 win, are you pleased with the

It was a really strong performance, we talked about how we
want to play away from home the things we want to do. I think the boys were
terrific today, I think what it demonstrated today was that was the level of
performance we need away from home to be successful. 

Are you happy with the way the team battled on to get the
opening goal despite a tough first half?

Yeah really competitive first half I thought we were
slightly the better team; we had more opportunities in the first half than
Carlton did. We were unlucky to go in level, but in the second half we were
consistent with that performance, we kept doing the same things in the second
half and eventually we got the lucky break and we got the first goal.  

There was some disruption at the end of the first 45
minutes with the alpaca, are you pleased with how the team handled the situation?

Yeah it was a difficult one, it’s not something you here of
regularly but we had an alpaca on the pitch which made it difficult for

Towards the end of the game Chilaka scored a good free-kick
goal. Is that something you’ll be looking to work on in the future?

I think it’s just one of those really, the ref gave a
penalty at first but changed his mind to a free kick after consulting the
assistant. It was a terrific strike, I’m really pleased for him obviously
started on the bench in the last couple of games.