Evan Seaman chats to Ilkley's Matt Austin about how he helped to design the impressive new logo. 

I have been living in Ilkley for the past 7 years now,
originally from Sheffield where I studied graphic design. After leaving collage
I quickly got a job at a well-established design agency, two years later I set
up my own business with a friend, that was 1994. Fast track near 30 years and I
still have my own business and evolved from offline design to all online. I
employ a small team and we are very much focused on creative, purely using
technology to amplify our client’s messages to their target audience as quickly
as we can. Communication is all about speed these days, and my team create and
tell stories that elevate our client’s products and service. We differentiate
our clients as must as we do ourselves. Our aim is to constantly apply creative
thinking and technical knowhow to everything we do, this ultimately
differentiates Vast, and provides our clients with long term growth and


You joined Ilkley Town AFC at the start of the 2019/20
season. What has your experience at the club been like so far?

I joined the club to help them with their marketing, communication,
and brand image. The messages had no coherent theme, no style, everyone was
chipping in and there was a miss mash of styles. My primary aim has been to
co-ordinate everything, give the brand a style and continuity to everything we
put out, whether that be online, or offline. I want the club to look and act as
good as the premier league, that makes us attractive to sponsors and gives the
club pride in how we look and what we are doing. 


What was it about the club which made you decide to come?

My boy has been playing for the club since he could kick a
ball, and there were plenty of parents helping with coaching and the like. I
just wanted to do my bit with the skills I have as a way of giving something


You helped to design the new logo which builds on the
club’s history and the town’s iconic Cow and Calf rocks. What was the thinking
behind it?

When I was designing the new logo, I very much wanted the
club to portray what is its DNA is all about. Ilkley is famous for the Moor and
the Cow and Calf, so I wanted to portray this as much as I could as this is
very important and part of its history. The colours were just evolved from what
was there already, again to keep some sort of continuity. I am very proud of
the new branding, I feel it elevates the club and portrays a modern, energetic
team all striving for something better. It elevates us and when you look at the
bigger picture, Ilkley is starting to look like a bigger club and that cannot
be a bad thing. 


Do you think this will help the club to build up their

This is ultimately what it is all about, how we are
perceived to the outside world. We all know what we stand for, but nobody else
does, your brand and every other form of communication underpins your
reputation and what you stand for. 


Ilkley’s stature in the game is growing with the team
achieving their highest ever league finish last campaign. Are you excited about
the club’s future?

The future looks bright. The club is a very attractive
proposition to anyone wanting to get involved, from players, staff, and
sponsors. The club will only grow if our branding and communication matches what
is done on the pitch. Exciting times indeed. 


And what do you personally plan to achieve going into
next season?

Well we have a new website coming, a new initiative to
support local business, a scholarship program, and a firm commitment to support
wellbeing. I am very excited to be part of all of this from a creative and
marketing point of view. We will start to gain a lot of momentum during the
next season and if we continue to do well on the pitch, I can only see good
things happening.  

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