It continues to be an exciting time at Ilkley Town AFC but it would seem for every advance we make there comes a flood to wash us away! 

We will not be beaten however. There are some fantastic people involved with the club who are more determined than ever to deliver existing projects and facility improvements on time and within the next 2 months. No reward without effort remember! 

In addition, we now have a new project and a new priority number 1: Flood Defence. This is expected to cost tens of thousands of pounds and this is where we need your help: 

Our venue like most sports facilities is busy with people. We attract over a thousand visitors each week but unlike other sports venues our facility is new and we have not yet capitalised on the advertising revenue at our fingertips.  

Let’s change that and now is a more important time than ever.  

Our goal is to enrich the facility with sponsors advertisements. 100 new pitch-side banners will go a long way to reaching our fund raising target and will be a game changer for the club. We also have naming rights for the stand and space on the exterior fencing for more majestic advertisement pieces! 

So please help us: 

· Do you run a business and can you partner with your club? 

· Do you know someone else who runs a business who can help? 

· Are you employed and would your employer be interested in helping us? 

Please spread the word far and wide. 100 new banners is the target. It’s for you and your children. Your club needs your help… 

For more information please contact me as soon as you can. 

Thank you

Paul Wintersgill - 07713 656468 –

Commercial Director - Ilkley Town AFC