ACS FC 6 - 2 FC Pimbledon. A fantastic start to the season for the boys, by kicking off things with a big 6 - 2 win. Our powerful number 9 Olawale Bakare led the frontline in excellent fashion by grabbing three goals for the team. Oliseh Kingsley and Diego Deer played some elegant, classy football by disposing the team with quick 1-2 touch football; linking up brilliantly with Olawale Bakare by assissting him with all three goals. However, our man of the match has to go to Caleb Adegbola with his world class kante performance, breaking up play and distriubting the ball quickly and accurately to our pacey wingers. This is just the start for ACS FC, there are big things to come from every individual player. We go again next agaisnt Sunday C.F Wessex Old Boys. 

Goal Scorers:

Olawale Bakare (3)

Ivan Allo (2)

Oliseh Kingsley (1)