On Sunday 14th October, ACS FC took on the current champions of the league C.F Wessex Old Boys. The first half saw many close chances from both teams, with an incredible save by the ACS keeper Tobi Olu Martins keeping the score tied 0-0 at half time. However, a team talk at half time must have rallied the boys momentum to come up with 4 goals in the second half which shocked the Wessex Old Boys. More importantly, an incredible performance from Toby Ohakwe who most deservedly earned man of the match, through his precise tackling, winning every header and just being a meanace at the back, leaving the Wessex attackers with no chance upfront. Surely this victory will send a message to other teams in the league, it's 2 out of 2 for the boys in black. Let's see if they can keep this form going throughout the season. 

Goal Scorers:

1. Ricardo (2)

2. Tariq (1)

3. Cameron (1)